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Which one.. In-Class Training or E-learning or even Blended Learning?

Which one.. In-Class Training or E-learning or even Blended Learning?

Blended learning is one of the most popular training solutions in organizations today. And for many reasons. But how you do know what should go where? After all, both are highly effective. So how do you come up with the perfect blend? Are there any time-tested proportions for deciding on the blend? How do you figure out what is best dealt with in a classroom and what works most effectively in the form of an online course?

There are many things to consider when coming up with the right blend – the purpose, the audience, the need for repeatability and practice, the need for live sessions, the complexity of the content being taught, the need to offer learners a self-test to let them know where they stand, the need for some kind of performance support long after the training is over, the need to offer learners the opportunity to revisit content they have learned at their convenience, etc.

When to Use Classroom Training:

  1. Need for face-to-face Interaction

The learners require mentoring or guidance in the class room, content dealing with new concepts for which learners may rise some questions and direct discussion in the class is the best channel.

  1. Need for dealing with contingencies and complex content

The components of training program deal with contingencies and high risks where effectively overcome in class room

  1. Need for Learning from Practice

The Instructor gives learners an opportunity to reflect some values from what have learned in class, this is a chance for learners to study about strategies and learn from others too.

When to use e-learning:

A few examples when you need to adopt e-learning.

  1. Need for Teaching Concepts and Procedures

Options for online training is suitable with simple contents such as procedures, manual guideline in which practicability to operates or instill a basic understanding or concept about a process.

  1. Need for enhancing efficiency with skill-based and compliance training
  • Skill-based Training: for instance an online course on using an SAP Module or operating an equipment.
  • Compliance Training: E-learning is ideal medium to deliver compliance training program through storytelling or scenario-based learning to educate learners with the basic concept of compliance in organization
  1. Need for providing Opportunities for self-assessment

If your training program has self-assessment, it’s better to choose e-learning because it enables learners to understand the contents and proof them-self with the assessment.

  1. Need for delivering Just-In-Time Training

The objective JIT training is to provide efficient delivery through video, infographics, and questions so learners can implement their knowledge at the job immediately.

Next, when you think that your program is between In-class and E-learning, so then your decision is to make customized learning which call Blended Learning.

Source: https://elearninginfographics.com/blended-learning-tips-for-implementing/#.XYigQ0OI8F4.link

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