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If we refer to ground rule of Learning & Development, the concept of Training 10%, Coaching & Mentoring 20% , working assignment 70%; then it will put our conventional in-class training has just only contributed 10% mean while consumed a lot of cost and time (man-hours) for company to send their employee outside office.

The technology has changed the approaches. The Customized e-learning helps you significantly in reducing cost, time, increase employee engagement in learning process and make your training is very suitable with your requirement.

Our solution is to provide customized e-learning module based on your requirement within certain durations (15 – 75 minutes). It has changed many ways of old fashion training (in-class training 10% contribution) to become new learning experience for employees in which adopts new technology.

Our service has advancement in a blended learning system, to adopt mixed learning between e-learning and special assignment to comprehend employee’s understanding about the subject, increase opportunity for coaching & mentoring, and optimize return on investment for company.  Based on our research, our methodology has boosted the result into 30% of combination contribution learning 10% and coaching/mentoring 20% into a single method of blended learning through our online e-learning.


You may see the how Edumatech helps clients to increase learning impact and competency.

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