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Introduction to Mechanical Measurement

This training is the fundamental for Mechanical discipline, how to understand measurement concept and units, knowing the technique and device how to measure, and additional topic about measurement in Oil & Gas Industry.

Learning Description

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide understanding of measurements units being in industrial applications
  • To understand of all aspects of basic measurement concepts and procedures, including accuracy and tolerance
  • To be able to select techniques and devices for comparison measurements (dial indicators and gauge blocks)
  • To understand common methods for measuring volume motion, force, temperature, fluid flow, and electricity
  • To understand and able to use scales and rules, combination calipers, and micrometer
  • To provide understanding of Oil and Gas Measurement

Learning Features:

  • Requirement: For everyone who involves in Mechanical from Technician, Operator, Foreman, Supervisor and others who want to know about basic Mechanical.
  • Duration: 2 hour
  • Full Lifetime Access: Yes
  • Access on Mobile and Laptop/PC: Yes
  • Quiz: 3 times
  • Final Examination: Yes
  • Certificate of Completion : Yes
  • Dual Language: English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Get Discount Rate for 5+ people Access (Business Clients)

Any detail about syllabus and enrollment, please email admin@edumatech.com



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