Success Story: Integrity & Compliance Program in Organization

Our client is a big multinational company with 5000 employees. Edumatech & Co. helps the company to develop eLearning to instill employee with core value of company, Integrity, Code of conduct and business ethic practice to success GCG (Good Corporate Governance) program. This e-learning has been developed in collaborative with user to gather the data, information, capture document, video etc. Then, we convert all the material with our expertise in instructional design; we finish the content in eLearning format with very intuitive and interesting graphics inside. At the end of program, the trainee should submit the final assessment with verified by hierarchy. By this way, the learning process is very high engagement between team and hierarchy, more engage in learning process. It is new method instead of we call employees to gather in a big class to join corporate awareness session.




Success Story: Technical eLearning for Front-Liners

Our client is a Chemical Company who produces liquids and powder for industry. The company has frequently technical problem with major equipment in plant such as Separator and Pump, the problem is getting worst since the technical front-liners are in high turnover. The technical knowledge transfer is very lack and always change to the new team with different basic knowledge. The company requests help Edumatech & Co to build such as Inhouse eLearning how to build basic knowledge (Identify element, know-how to operate) for the equipment Separator and Pump, so that front-liners team has the basic of competency how to operate, level-1 maintenance and identify anomaly operations.

During the project, Edumatech & Co. team is working collaborative to develop tailor-made eLearning content for 1 month, until its acceptance test and ready enrolled to front-liners. The content has maximum duration 45 minutes, very intuitive graphics, animation 2D to explain flows and system, and animation 3D to highlight more detail about critical element inside the equipment. The program is very successful since the L&D function can ensure the competency of operations is secured for repetition training (refreshment) or for new comers in the future, and surely it saves much cost compare if we call the external trainer to  get inhouse training for 2-3 days.



Success Story: Equip Sales Team with Effective approach

The client is from medical equipment sector, which is less grow in sales figure. The company has invested quiet big in marketing and sales, but they find some feedbacks about how gesture of sales team is not showing the best practice of selling and help customer; pushy and tend to make a gap with customer are the beginning of problems in sales performance.

The client ask helps to develop a tailor-made eLearning about Sales Practice with Effective approach, to equip their sales team with the product value and positive gesture during approaching the customer. The eLearning will become a regular training twice a year to remind the best practice and turn back the team into the right track in keeping the product core value. After the training, the team should submit the final assessment with completed verification from supervisor; this step is to ensure that they are really understand the content, and learning engagement is working properly.




Success Story: software eLearning (Ms. Excel) to boost your team productivity

The client is a Cargo Services, a new small business to deliver goods to end-users. The manager has asked for a help to build eLearning for their supporting team, specifically in Microsoft Excel. This training is very useful to prepare strong team in data analysis, database development and reporting.

Edumatech & Co. team just get a short meeting with the client to define the requirement, and bring the solution to the client with eLearning program in Ms. Excel, from Basic to Intermediate. The duration is 45 minutes, full of case study and very intuitive video graphics, so the team can follow each step until result. After the session, this Ms. Excel program become a mandatory training for everybody in office.



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