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Blended Learning Strategy: How to combine In-class Training vs e-learning effectively

Blended Learning as a new learning strategy, still has pros and cons in their implementation among HR practitioners. Some pro said it introduces more efficient training in terms of time, cost and keep expose employees to learning process; while cons said the learning experiences (interactions, freedom to ask) still less compared to 100% in-class training.

Surely, it depends on how company’s strategy in learning policy which are different concerns such as budget, time to learn (man-days), urgency, deep of knowledge is expected, etc. Yes, in-class training as traditional way consumes a lot of time (man-days) and budget (training cost, overhead cost such as mission, hotel, etc) and nowadays company put more pressure on this aspect, but we believe it provides interaction experiences for trainee to understand the subject. Yes for e-learning it provides efficient learning experience, low cost, can be accessed in any platform (PC or mobile), but the L&D function should be pay attention on syllabus and content to ensure suitability with objective, pay attention to digital facility (make sure employee will have no disturbance during access the e-learning room, and get permit from supervisor). The worst, avoid when we spend a lot of money to send employee go training outside for an in-class training, then we don’t know how is the learning process done. It is worth to check the syllabus content, the instructor qualification, and prepare post-assessment after employee go back to office. 

The most, when we apply blended learning, be focus on preparation to introduce employee with learning road map (to equip their mentality and expectation),  then maximize the assessment after e-learning session (to encourage employee proofing their learning process) through essay assessment and verification with instructor or SME (subject matter experts) in company. The assessment verification will substitute the lost interaction in in-class training and change it to become focused-based communication between instructor / Learning Function and trainees.

Classroom Training And eLearning: Why Blending Them Is The Right Choice

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