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The Reason Why Video-Based Learning is so Effective for Learning

Why is Video-Based Learning so Effective for Learning?

Based on research by CISCO, Video-Based learning will still being a trend for future learning in 2030. Why? Because video-based learning provides sense of high microlearning to attract focus and feed information effectively. Microlearning is not new in L&D, but its application for training industry is getting more maximized. It deals how to optimize the right-brain works with intuitive, visualization, imaginative and creative.

The trend will continue since it’s very suitable with how now  millennials in industry want to learn in quick time, short content, and straight point, to make them perform and complete the job.  


More application of video-based Learning in your company, Edumatech & Co. can help you to develop tailor-made eLearning (include Video-Based Learning) that very specific to your requirement.


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